How Should You Feel After A First Date

How Should You Feel After a First Date?

In the relationships and dating aspect, it can be challenging to find a potential relationship with someone special. Before you get into any relationship, there are several phases to go through, one of which is going on a first date with them.

While a first date can make you feel anxious and uncertain, it’s the best way to get to know someone. In most cases, your first date can help you see if you see yourself with that specific person.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how should you feel after a first date.

1. You should feel that connection

A first date is an opportunity to build your connection deeper so after this date, you should feel even more connected with them. No matter where you met and formed your attraction for them, a first date should let you reveal who you are that’s much deeper than the surface-level.

It’s easy to pretend to be all the perfect traits when communicating with them through text, social media, or even casual chats at work.

However, a first date is a more intimate set up so you should feel the chemistry or connection between you that’s much deeper than the physical aspect.

2. You should enjoy their company genuinely

You’re going on a first date with someone to see if things can possibly work for a potential relationship, so the goal is to enjoy their company. You shouldn’t be doing things like checking the time every few seconds or fiddling with your phone because that’s already a sign that you may be bored of their company.

There should be a natural exchange of conversation so that it’s a mutual bond that’s being formed – you’re not talking too much and the same goes for them.

When you enjoy their company and even laugh a few times, you know that it’s a good first date.

3. You share a mental or emotional bond

It’s fairly easy to go on a first date without any form of a bond being deepened. You won’t have a mental or emotional connection with everyone so when you feel that chemistry either mentally or emotionally, it’s a good sign that your date is going well. When you have a mental connection with someone, you find yourselves understanding what’s in their mind and having a natural flow of conversation without feeling forced. This kind of connection is rarer than the emotional one.

4. You feel like yourself

One of the primary pieces of advice you get when going on a first date is to be yourself.

When you’re with someone where you have to compromise and adjust who you are to please them, you’re dating the wrong person and there shouldn’t be a second date. You should feel like yourself on that first date with someone if you’re trying to work a relationship with them and see where things go.

It’s normal to be anxious or nervous, but when you act differently from how you normally act, you’re not dating the right person. You should feel comfortable with your own skin on a first date that’s going extremely well.

5. You feel respected and heard

This might be a given in most first dates, but there are people who will do anything and everything to shine the spotlight on them. Basically, these people will talk about themselves the entire date, leaving absolutely no room for you.

With a good first date, they should make you feel respected and heard in all aspects, whether that’s showing you chivalry and basic signs of respect. There’s no concrete rule for showing respect, but you’ll feel it when someone crosses a line you aren’t okay with.

6. You rarely or never felt awkward

One of the common things to look out for isn’t just someone you can have a relationship with, but also a friendship.

On a first date that goes smoothly, you should rarely feel that awkwardness with them. Even when first dates are generally awkward, to begin with since it’s the first date after all, as the date progresses, you should feel more comfortable with them.

If it’s been the end of your first date and you don’t feel comfortable around them, they’re probably not the one. Similar to the point of enjoying their company, you won’t feel awkward when they make you feel like yourself.

7. You feel good around them

Obviously, nobody ever wants to be around someone that makes them feel bad, especially on a first date.

Since this is the stage you’re getting to know one another, they should have the right first impression on you, which means they should make you feel good about that date. When something feels off about that date, trust your date and take it as a sign that it’s not a relationship you want to push through.

8. You feel friendship

On an ideal first date, you’ve talked about several things in both your lives, whether it’s career, beliefs, values, mindsets and even past relationships. This is completely normal as it gives you a vulnerable sense of who the person is and the same goes for them.

When someone is open about their lives, it’s a date that went well because they see something in you that’s both reliable and trustworthy. They want you to see who they are and most importantly, they’re trying to form a friendship with you, which is the best foundation for any working relationship.

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In conclusion

I hope this article was able to answer your question on how should you feel after a first date. Even when first dates can be scary as there’s no knowing which direction that date can go, these feelings above should be on your list on how you can tell your date is going well. More often than not, you can feel in your gut that a date is going how you expect and that both of you are trying to see if a potential relationship can be built from that date.

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