how to hack your brain to be smarter

How To Hack Your Brain To Be Smarter?

Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I’m willing to bet that something like 95% of people on the planet knows nothing about what I’m about to tell you.

It can have such a dramatic impact on your life that you simply can’t ignore and by the time you’re finished reading this, you will know yet another hack to unlock the untapped power of your brain for social skills, success making money or anything else that you want to master.

In your head right now there are two minds and you can think of them like this.

One is your conscious mind and one is your unconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the one that you’re aware of and it’s the one where all of your thoughts take place every single day. But hidden just below the surface directly behind the conscious mind is the unconscious mind.

Think about it like this, in terms of raw power to direct your life, your conscious brain is like a Prius and your unconscious brain is like the rocket that NASA uses to send men to the moon.

Unconscious mind

Here’s a fact that will completely blow your mind and allow you to better grasp this comparison. Every single second information is coming at you from every angle in the form of light, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Your brain must be able to filter this information without your head completely exploding from the load and this is where the unconscious brain comes in. Your unconscious mind is able to process roughly 20 million bits of information per second.

Conscious mind

Now, what about your conscious mind how much do you think it can process? The answer is a tiny 40 bits per second. Your unconscious mind is a biological computer that is 500000 times better at processing information than your conscious mind.

Use your brains full capacity

Here’s the problem, when most people try to change their life, they use only their conscious mind and in terms of effectiveness that’s like trying to play the latest computer game with two potatoes wired together.

Think about the last time that you were walking and a friend threw something at you or somebody almost walked into you. Chances are you felt your body begin to move out of the way before you were even consciously aware of the threat.

Power of brain

I’ll never forget one of my favorite scenes from the movie Limitless when the main character Eddie demonstrates the power of his brain on nzt-47 by showing off what is essentially precognition or the ability to see an event before it actually happens.

Enduring the scene Eddie is basically able to predict that a van is going to rear-end a taxi which is basically like seeing a couple of seconds into the future. In reality, he’s not actually seeing into the future, he’s simply harnessing the raw power of the 20 million bits of information that are flowing into his unconscious mind.

Imagine what you would be capable of if you could do this. The truth is, that unleashing the power of your unconscious mind is actually easy to do if you know what you are doing. What you have to understand is that in life we get what we focus on. This is why when something bad happens and you dwell on it it seems like all sorts of other things start to go wrong.

But if you break down what is actually happening it will completely blow your mind. Imagine one bad thing happens, someone calls you a loser, so you start focusing on that and then on your way home you trip and you fall off the bus and now you’re focused on two bad things that happened.

As bad things keep happening you begin to place more and more of your focus on them until it seems like you’re just being struck by an endless stream of bad things happening to you.

But here’s the crazy part, from the moment that you started to focus on the person calling you a loser, your unconscious mind unleashed its enormous raw power to literally alter your behavior and make you behave in a way that would make more bad things happen to you.

This is key because all of this is occurring on an unconscious level, so your conscious mind has no idea what is actually happening.

Unconscious is below the surface, meaning below your conscious perception.

How to get a smarter brain

Think about it like this, if your main goal in life is to make $1000000, but you never actually focus on achieving this goal, then your unconscious mind will filter out any and all information that could put you closer to this goal.

Now imagine if you were to spend 16 hours of every 24-hour day focusing on this one singular goal. That 20 million bits of information that are being taken in by your unconscious every second is now going to be filtered to locate the information that would actually bring you closer to this goal.

Hidden within your unconscious is a sort of superintelligence.

Smart and successful people

And if you ask the most successful or wealthiest guys on the planet what the main thing was that led them to their success, many of them will say oh it was hard work or something else that sounds good and others will tell you that they don’t have any idea how it happened or they will say that they got a lucky break.

Raw unconscious brain power

The truth is that it wasn’t a lucky break at all, what these people are proceeding as luck was really the raw power of their unconscious mind leading them into that chance encounter with the billionaire or that seemingly random idea that popped into their head one morning while they were showering.

A famous quote basically says” the harder you work the luckier you get” but what it should really say is: “the more time that you spend focus on what you want the more you will unleash the enormous power of your unconscious mind to bring you closer to that goal”.

To our conscious mind what appears to be luck or magic, is really just unconscious mind filtering through 20 million bits of information per second to give you the exact precise information that you need to get exactly what you are focused on.


So constant focus is yet another key to unlocking the untapped superintelligence that is hidden within your own mind.

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