how to get confidence back in life

How To Get Confidence Back In Life

For many guys, confidence seems like some magical unicorn that can never be obtained but what if I told you that confidence is really just a state of mind.

And the difference between guys who have low confidence and guys who have high confidence is simply how they think.

It’s the guys who are confident who think much differently than those who don’t and the sooner that you understand how confident people think the sooner that you can enjoy new found confidence.

Number 1:

Think Strength

It’s true we all have our flaws but the way that we think about them is completely different. The average person is constantly thinking about their weaknesses, even if they don’t realize it.
These are the subtle little thoughts that sneak into our head throughout the day and try to sabotage our mode.

The way confident men think differently is that they constantly remind themselves of their accomplishments and positive traits.
So whenever you’re feeling particularly unconfident think back to times when you accomplished something great or just times that when you felt really confident.

Number 2:

Never take rejection personally

The truth is people are going to reject you, it’s going to happen it’s only a question of when. But it’s how we manage rejection from other people that matters.

People who don’t think with a mindset of confidence take rejection personally and they blame it on some kind of flaw that they have.

The thing about us humans is that we’re always thinking about our selves.

Imagine you ask somebody out and they say no the thing that an unconfident person would do is think to them self damn he or she rejected me because of my ugly hair or because my nose is too big or because of whatever other insecurities that I can come up with at the time.

On the flipside, a confident person knows that there are a million other reasons why the person could have said no. They have absolutely nothing to do with him or her as a person, maybe this person would love to go out with you but the person just got married a few days ago or maybe they are leaving tomorrow to go back to her home country which is 4,000miles away.

When a confident person is rejected in any way, they don’t take it personally and instead they assume that there’s some other logical reason behind it.

Number 3:

Stop focusing on fear

These days fear is what drives much of the stock market and society in general and unconfident guys are always thinking about what if this happens, what if that happens.

Here’s the difference, guys who are confident instead focus on what they want to achieve instead of what they don’t want to happen.

I’ve mentioned before that your subconscious mind is the 800-pound gorilla in the room and it’s also like the master key for any door that you could ever want to unlock in life.
Here’s the thing, the subconscious mind really is like an 800-pound gorilla because it’s so primal in the way that it functions.

You see your subconscious is always working behind the scenes to make you behave and think in ways that will help you achieve whatever it is that you are focusing on and it doesn’t know the difference between good or bad.

All that it knows is that it is programmed to help you achieve whatever it is that you were focusing on and by focusing on fear and the things that you don’t want to happen you’re unknowingly unleashing this massively strong gorilla to actively push you towards the things that you don’t want.
So by focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want to happen, you will begin to think like a confident person.

Number 4:

Failures are really just challenges in disguise

One of the biggest differences between how confident and unconfident guys think is simply how they view failures.
The next time you drop a sandwich on the floor by accident just remember it’s not a failure it’s simply another challenge that you must go through to reach the goal that you’ve always wanted.

Individuals who are confident persevere through hardships because they understand that failing is a part of learning and is not eternal. As a result, a confident mindset makes learning more enjoyable and builds and fosters resilience.

Number 5:

Chase the small victories

One of the major ways that confident people think differently is simply by chasing small victories.

Unconfident men think that small wins don’t mean anything because they’re small so they pretty much ignore them entirely.

The difference is that guys who are confident realize that small victories are key to success in anything because they are progressing.
Confident guys are always competing and challenging themselves and by doing this they accumulate many small victories which serve to motivate and increase androgen receptors within the brain.

Every time you achieve and celebrate a small victory regardless of what it is you are trying to accomplish you are actually altering the testosterone inside of your body and gassing yourself up for even more victories and a confidence boost from a series of small victories can last for months.
But here’s the crazy thing these small wins can come from anything and one of the best ways to accumulate these small wins is to face a group of small fears that you have.

For example, if you want to improve your conversation skills, fire up a conversation with 10 different people in 10 different types of situations one after the other.
The rush that you’ll get from facing your fears and accumulating of these small victories will feel amazing and a boost in confidence that you’ll get from doing this can last for a long time.

How to get confidence back in life instantly:

  • Think strength – think about your accomplishments
  • Never take rejection personally
  • Stop focusing on fear
  • Failures are really just challenges in disguise
  • Chase the small victories

This has been five things that confident men do differently and the sooner that you start taking action on it the sooner that you can experience new-found confidence in your life.

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