How To Be More Bold And Confident?

Boom! That’s the sound of your heart dropping in your feet as you say something really stupid and embarrassing around your friends.

But what if there’s a better way. What if everything that you think that you know about confidence was actually wrong.

What if there was a way to be more bold and confident around anyone?

Imagine a nice room made entirely of gold and everything that you could ever want is inside, a beautiful person that you saw at the mall, the 10 million dollars that you need to never care about money again, the friends that will never betray and all that you need to open the door is a key and that key is called confidence.

Before you can get this key, you have to understand a few things.

Confidence is unleashed when you impress yourself.

Remember that confidence is only unleashed when you impress yourself.
Your friend tells you to wear a grey shirt. Why? Because he thinks that it looks good on you.

So you were it and you get to the mall with your friends and you feel super unconfident but you don’t know why. Could it be the shirt?

Here’s a secret the first key to unleashing your confidence is impressing yourself not other people.

If you feel confident in the red shirt but not the grey one, then wear the red one. It doesn’t matter if nobody else likes your shirt, as long as it impresses you and makes you feel confident.

Understand what confidence means to you.

Because it’s different for everybody.
A while back a case study was done, thousands of people were surveyed and they were asked what they would need to be supremely confident.
But something really odd happened when the results started coming in. Many people said that they needed money and other said they need a few more inches of height, but the crazy thing that happened was, that they got nearly a thousand different answers from a thousand different people and this revealed the confidence is a very personal thing.

What makes one person confident could be completely meaningless to you.

Boost your confidence and boldness
Key to confidence

So the question is what is confidence for you? What do you believe would make you supremely confident, if you could get it right now.

Go out into the world and get those things. Doing this will give you another piece of the master key.

But here’s the key, it can`t be material things.
It can’t be a nice car, big house or lots of money, it has to be something elemental and for me it’s two things, achievements and personality.

Never link your confidence to material things, why? Because those come and go and you want your confidence to stay.

See the world for what it really is.

There’s not a single person on this planet who doesn’t have flaws and and a flaw is something that you don’t like about yourself but it’s also something that other people don’t really care about.

A common flaw among attractive women is worrying about whether men only care about them for what’s on the outside as opposed to what’s on the inside.

Other people could care less about this, for some people it could be a big nose or weird-looking finger.

The problem that most people are making is not seeing the world for what it really is.
You have to realize that everyone around you has flaws and just like you and while you’re sitting there worrying about yours they’re worrying about there’s.

As humans we tend to think that other people are always paying attention to our flaws. And the funny thing is, that they’re thinking the exact same thing about us.

Realize that most people are more focused on what’s wrong with them and not what’s wrong with you.

Acquire skills to face your problems.

Ask yourself this, what do you want to accomplish in life? Maybe you want to build a business and get stupid rich and if this is true for you, then get new skills that support your goals.

A big part of being confident around anyone is knowing that you have skills.

What’s the one universal thing that all humans do? We talk, we`re not apes that bang on our chests and make weird noises.

Well maybe some of you communicate like this, but most of us use words and body language to communicate with each other.

So whenever you’re around other people you most likely will be doing a lot of talking and if you practise your communication skills, then you will actually be confident around other people.

If you want to be more confident in general, then acquire skills that will allow you to face the big problems in your own life.

For most of us the big part of these problems all boil down to money.
Guess what? It’s time to learn how to make money and lots of it.

Stop being needy.

If a person rejects don’t chase the person, simply reject back. If a friend disrespects you in a really bad way, cut ties with them at least temporarily and if other people choose to ignore you then simply ignore them back.

Neediness and confidence don’t play well together and you simply can’t be needy and confident at the same time.

Realize that not everybody will like you, so when you come a cross these people don`t think too much about it and simply keep moving.

Think about the room with everything that you could ever want and then think about the key. The key is just sitting there waiting for you and all that you have to do is take it.

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