Is Online Marriage Counselling Really Effective

Is Online Marriage Counseling Really Effective?

There are many reasons to consider marriage counseling; maybe you feel like you need to communicate better with your partner or there are issues within your relationship that you can’t solve on your own.

Marriage counseling involves sessions with a therapist or counselor that focus on strengthening and understanding your relationship with your partner.

If you are researching counseling options, you may want to consider online marriage counseling, as it is an easy and convenient way to do marriage counseling with the same quality of care.

Online marriage counseling has the same efficacy and quality as in-person counseling, with built-in convenience.

What is the success rate of marriage counseling?

You may be asking if marriage counseling is even worth it.

The good news is, that the American Psychological Association says that couple’s therapy (done with a trained counselor using proving therapy methods) is about 75% effective. This is a higher number than people often expect, but that speaks to the overall efficacy of marriage counseling.

Marriage counselors will tell you that the success of counseling involves all parties being open to learning and listening while in therapy- in order to get the desired results.

Just like marriage in general, therapy does take effort, going into therapy understanding that both parties are responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship. Therefore, some of the efficacy of marriage counseling is decided by how dedicated the parties involved are to the relationship and improving their communication and connection.

What are the differences between online and in-person marriage counseling?

Effectively, there aren’t many differences between in-person and online therapy when it comes to the tools being used and the experience of the professionals on the other end.

You should always be working with a qualified counselor that is right for you, which can be done online or in person. Both online and in-person therapists have the same qualifications and standards, which allows for you to make the choice based on what is right for you and your situation.

There is some difference when it comes to how therapy is executed online versus in person

  • The advantage of online therapy is that it helps those with busy schedules find a time for sessions; since there is no commute time and all of it is done from your own home. It makes it easier to schedule as counselors often have more flexible schedules when it comes to online marriage counseling.
  • Another potential benefit is that because online counseling can be done remotely, it can quite literally be done from anywhere. If you are long-distance with your partner for one reason or another, online counseling makes it easier to schedule sessions.

How does marriage counseling work?

You may be wondering what marriage counseling looks like and what you can expect if you decide to go.

It is very similar to individual therapy, a therapist or counselor provides space to talk about what you’re feeling while providing tools to better communicate and understand your feelings.

Therapists will often create a space where there is no judgment and you are free to speak about what you would like. This can be very important for couples who are doing marriage counseling, as both parties are able to speak about issues they may have in the presence of a neutral third party who offers advice based on what is said.

Psychological tools used in therapy are very helpful for everyday life. Therapists use these tools because they know that they work; examples are communication tools that not only help with expression but also listening. These tools can be difficult to find anywhere other than in a therapy environment, and often have important uses in life other than just in your relationship.

How do I know if online marriage counseling will work for me?

Therapy and marriage counseling are deeply personal experiences that look different for every couple.

The good news is that there are many different therapists and styles of therapy, meaning there is probably one that fits your style and understands you as people.

Successful marriage counseling is also dependent on how willing you are to make progress with your partner. Counseling can absolutely provide the tools to restore your connection and solve major problems in your relationship that were previously seen as insurmountable obstacles.

The important thing to remember is that it does require work and effort on the part of the couple in counseling. A part of the success is dependent on your desire to change how you communicate in order to feel better supported- your counselor is there to provide you with the tools to do so.

Online marriage counseling is going to work best for people who want to work at their communication and respect in their relationship and are looking for a way that is simple and easy. Seeing a counselor online is extremely easy because there is no traveling and you can get the same quality of care online as you would in person.

What are the reasons to go to marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is not just for relationships that are on the verge of ending and have been in a rough state for a long time. Many people who choose to do marriage counseling are looking for better communication tools in order to better support the relationship.

Marriages are complex relationships with many layers and history, so even if you’re happy in the marriage, counseling can give you the tools to continue building and maintaining that connection.

Because marriage counseling is so focused on improving each partner’s understanding and listening abilities, it can be very effective when you feel like there are just certain things that set you off and create arguments. There are sometimes things within relationships that are difficult to work through by yourselves, and that is completely fine.

Marriage counseling will help you look at those issues with fresh eyes and understand where the miscommunications are happening and potential ways to stop them before they happen.

If you feel like you are at a point in your marriage where you are becoming a different person and are no longer happy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the marriage is over.

People and feelings evolve and change over time and thus your marriage needs to evolve with you. Something that can help this is marriage counseling because you are able to isolate what is making you feel unhappy and how to potentially change those sources of friction.

Marriage counselors are trained to help couples who feel like their marriage is unhealthy and who are using counseling to hopefully get their relationship out of that place. They are going to be able to help you restore lost connection and better understand your partner so that you may decide what is best for you.

Why choose online marriage counseling?

Besides the benefits of therapy that can come from either in-person or online sessions, there are some benefits specific to online therapy that may make it the better choice when it comes to how you decide to get help.

The important thing to remember is that the techniques and tools presented by your therapist are always going to be pretty similar across the board. The level of compatibility with a therapist is important for it to work, but this can be done either online or in person.

Online marriage counseling is perfect for couples who may be long-distance some/all of the time, but still want to do marriage counseling together. Through online therapy, you can all be in the same place with the counselor and you don’t have to travel to meet each other.

If you have busy schedules or kids that take up a lot of your time, you may be able to benefit more from online marriage counseling. You can make appointments for any time and there is no commute, saving you not only time but also babysitting costs or struggles if your children are young. Many counselors who work online have very flexible schedules and thus are easier to get into contact with than calling a therapist’s office.

Online marriage counseling cost

Online marriage counseling can also cost less than a therapist with the same level of experience would for in-person service. This is not always the case, but it is more common that, online therapy is more affordable. If cost is a big issue for you, online marriage counseling might be a great option, you will absolutely be able to find someone affordable who will provide you with excellent care.

Taking the first step is often the hardest when it comes to therapy and marriage counseling.

Doing your research will certainly help you to make the right decision when it comes to how you want to engage with a marriage counselor. There are many benefits of counseling to a relationship, even one where you think that your communication issues are small. There are also some added benefits of online marriage counseling that can help couples who are long distance, who have busy lives, or who are looking for an affordable option for marriage counseling.

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