How To Soften My Wifes Hardened Heart

How To Soften My Wife’s Hardened Heart?

Relationships can be tricky, and constant disappointment can lead to slowly build resentment in your partner. Women tend to continue to do their best while thinking ‘one day it will be my turn’ while in reality, you have probably been taking your wife for granted for years.


The good news is that you can see that there is a problem, and now it is time to do something to turn the situation around.

I have noticed a huge generational change in men under 40 who now shoulder about 40% of the domestic workload, this is probably how it should be when both parties work outside the home, once you have children, there is so much to do that there are never enough hours in the day.

In past generations, men did not traditionally shoulder any domestic workload, but fortunately, times have changed, so it is your turn to cook, clean, shop, and organize the children. If you feel that you need some exercise gardening works every muscle in the body.

There is nothing more sexy to a worn-out housewife than the sight of her husband cooking dinner, and cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.


Never forget her Birthday or your Wedding Anniversary, these occasions should be marked with a gift, flowers, and dinner out.

Pick a day a week, Sunday is a good choice, and give her a day off from cooking and childcare, start by making breakfast while she rests.

Re-introduce Date night, once a fortnight, ask your wife what she wants to do, dinner out, a movie? Hire a babysitter, and make it a regular event.

Arrange a holiday for the two of you, leave the children with their Grandparents, and have a week away together.

Consider relationship counseling.

Share the workload as much as possible at home.


Nothing happens overnight, it takes time to build a healthy relationship. Make sure you take the time to talk to your wife. Communication is everything and many couples lose the ability to speak to one another and unless you talk you won’t know what your partner is thinking. Trust is another foundation of a good marriage so don’t give your wife any reason not to trust you.

  • Remember what attracted you to your partner and what qualities you liked in her.
  • Check that your expectations of your partner are reasonable.
  • Remember how much effort you made initially, you may need to do it again.
  • Accept life’s difficulties, health problems and financial problems will and do occur.
  • Discuss your shared goals.
  • Look after your own health, unless we are healthy we can’t look after our family.


If your relationship is not working there is a reason for it and you will need to do something about it before it is too late.

Everyone has some conflict, this is normal in a relationship, but it is how you solve the conflict that is important. If you are both resilient and can work through the issues together, your relationship will survive, and if your wife can see that you are strong and resourceful her hardened heart will begin to soften.

There are many pressures in family life and sometimes a large extended family on both sides can be both a curse and a blessing. Be careful who you discuss your marriage with, your own Mother and Father are not always the right people to talk to about your wife, as they are biased in your favor. If you are working through issues a counselor is the best option.


Show affection to your partner, remember it is the little things that matter, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. As the years go by people do change, and what we liked doing at 20 often no longer appeals to us when we are 50. If we can accept the changes and grow and develop in other ways, the marriage will stay strong. As long as you and your family stay healthy you will begin to rejoice in the little things, the birth of a grandchild or a family wedding brings us happiness as time goes by.

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