Short Funny Tinder Bios For Guys

Short Funny Tinder Bios For Guys

If you’ve never seen a woman’s screen when she’s scrolling through Tinder, you might not know exactly what stands out and how they choose who to match with. It’s not just the pictures, or your age and location, the short bio that introduces you in a few words is actually where people’s eyes gravitate.

That is why it is so important to have a good bio; something short and humorous that will introduce yourself and make it more likely that a beautiful girl is going to match with you! So, from a resident dating app expert and actual woman here are a few types of bios and why they might work for you:


Ex: Last time I was someone’s type I was donating blood

This type of bio is reliable and common for a reason; it stands out immediately and even garners a chuckle from those who see it. I would recommend that you stay away from the dirtier jokes; not everyone wants to see that when they’re scrolling through for their next match- and you will definitely attract more women with a funny, charming joke rather than something shocking.

This bio type also has a higher chance of getting a woman to message you first; the bio seems open and charming, making her feel more tempted to open a conversation!

There are also countless possibilities when it comes to this type of bio; from puns to wordplay to humor based on personal facts, you can do it all! Remember that this type of bio requires a really witty one-liner to make it work; find something personal to you that will show the women who see your profile what makes you funny!


Ex: I hope you like bad boys because I’m bad at everything

A joke that shows humor and humility to start is guaranteed to keep someone on your profile to find out what kind of person you are. You’re not above a little self-deprecation to show your charm!

This bio makes women smile and lets her know that you’re confident enough to put yourself down a little for the sake of a joke. Pair this with a witty one-liner in your opening message and all of a sudden you’re at the top of a lot of women’s chat queues!

Self-deprecation used in the right contexts can be incredibly successful- it makes someone want to know more about you, and you might even get a compliment or two out of it while you’re at it!

One thing to remember; there is a difference between charming self-deprecation and outright self-hatred. It’s a fine line, but one will get you plenty of matches and the other will make people question if the person on the other end needs immediate assistance.



Everyone likes a good meme reference; and if they don’t, well were you two really going to work out anyways?

This bio is great for those who want to show they have a sense of humor and charm while ‘keeping up with the times’, as the kids say.

The meme references always get people, and women are no different. They might not admit it at first, but the bios with a good meme really do stand out amongst the random fishing pictures and endless requests for pics. Trust me; a meme will always do better than some dude name Chad with a fish!

The key to this type of bio is to keep it simple and work with memes that everyone knows, of course, you will get the occasional weirdo who’s been living under a rock for the past 10 years who won’t understand what you mean, but they’re clearly not your target audience. Even the most sophisticated and intelligent woman will crack up at a good meme, they’re universal!


Ex: A song that describes my life: Dancing on My own by Robyn

Everyone loves music; and the best way to work this into your Tinder bio that will help you appeal to women is by making a joke using music and song titles.

A song can say a lot about you and the things you like; plus it can also give you an opportunity to make a joke. You could describe your life in whatever way you like and make a clever joke about who you are. This bio always feels a little more personal and it is certainly a good opening for someone to use when you match with them!

It’s true that women love a sense of humor- and this bio type certainly gives you the opportunity to show the kind of person you are while remaining relatable and fun!


Ex: Unpopular opinion: pineapple does belong on pizza and Halloween is better than Christmas

Done properly, this bio type is one of the most engaging and reliable to get people to swipe right on your profile.

At first, it can seem jarring; why would you put something that many people might not agree with? Well- it certainly stands out from the crowd and even if a girl messages you ready to fight you on it, that means it worked!

It’s a different kind of bio that is still fun and playful but lets others know that you have a personality to go along with your looks- which believe it or not, women do actually care about as their scrolling through their Tinder options!

The best thing to remember with this type of bio is to make the unpopular opinions interesting, but no so crazy that someone thinks you’re off your rocker! Also, remember that if a girl challenges you on this opinion- assuming it isn’t something integral to your identity- you should probably do the gentlemanly thing and tell her she’s right. She’ll appreciate your sense of humor and ability to know when you’re wrong, which will definitely earn you points in her eyes!


Ex: would you rather never have to work again in your life or be able to complete your bucket list by 35?

Another old-reliable in the bio department, this type has the added benefit of making women want to answer the question, especially if it’s a good one! It’s definitely one of the best short bios you can have, and while a lot of people have done them, you have the opportunity to be completely unique and draw the attention of lots of women!

Make it fun, strange, or incredibly hard to choose and then people will spend more time on your profile thinking about the question, which makes them more likely to swipe right! Done well, it is an excellent conversation starter and will attract the type of girl who wants to spend hours talking with you about which superpower is best!

Remember to be creative and fun when thinking of what to put at your options; they have to stand out enough to make someone want to answer them! You can be as weird or silly as you want, ridiculous “Would you rathers” have just as much of a chance to get someone to swipe right!

On the whole, there are many different types of Tinder bios out there, almost as many as there are types of people on Tinder.

The best way to stand out is to take something and really go for it! Don’t be afraid to be a little weird or show something interesting about yourself, it is the only way you are going to stand out from the crowd and get the attention of people who are worth your time!

Get yourself a Tinder coach

If you don’t have a ton of experience with online dating, or you’ve tried but you can’t seem to figure out how to match with the right type of women, there is another solution for you beyond tailoring your bio. Get yourself a Tinder coach!

They’re actually more common than you think; they can help you with your bio, picture selection, or even help you message matches if that’s something you need! Tinder coaches can actually help you get better matches, ones that you’ll actually want to interact with, and they will help your profile stand out!

Their services are employed by people all over who want to find the perfect someone on a dating app but need the help of an expert to do it. Tinder coaches are professional matchmaking experts that guarantee you will find someone who is right for you with their guidance. In this day and age where everyone is online, getting the help of an expert could be the edge you need to finally find the perfect match.

So, go forth and happy swiping! Remember to keep your bio short and sweet, and throw in a joke or two to make your profile pop! And if you want to have the best online dating experience, get an expert to help you by hiring a Tinder coach!

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