Signs She Is Not Interested After First Date

Signs She’s Not Interested After First Date

The wonderful world of dating is one of the most complex realms in existence. Often filled with miscommunication, mixed signals, and other conundrums, one of the most challenging parts about dating someone new is learning to read between the lines and recognize covert cues. This is especially the case when you are a man who may not have much experience dating and/or have spent the majority of your dating years cuddled up with one lucky lady.

After the first date, there is often a gray area in which you have to discern between their words and actions. If you are presently dating around and want to know how to recognize the signs that a woman is uninterested after date one, this post was made especially for you. 

Signs She’s Not Interested After the First Date

So, you just met a woman who you think has potential. Maybe, at first, she seemed welcoming of your advances and genuinely interested in getting to know more about you. However, after going on just one date, she now seems someone distant and you can’t tell whether she is just busy or losing interest.

Well, wonder no more! Here is a list of the telltale signs that a woman is no longer interested in you after the first date:

  • She Refuses to Solidify Plans for Another Date: One of the top ways to tell that she is not interested after the first date is that she refuses to make solid plans for the future. Although there could be other things that are preventing her from making plans, generally speaking, when a woman is interested, she will do her absolute best to make plans in the near future. If she responds with something along the lines of “we’ll see”, “maybe”, or I’ll get back to you every single time you try to make plans with her, odds are, she is not planning on dating you at all.
  • She Uses the Word “Friend” Liberally: Another major sign that she is not interested in you is that she often refers to you as a friend. While it’s true that many women prefer to establish a friendship as a foundation of a relationship, it is also true that most women will make it clear that they see you as more than a friend from the very beginning. If you have already gone on a date and she insists on calling you a friend, that’s likely all she sees you as.
  • She is Uncomfortable with Physical Affection: Also, if she is not comfortable with physical affection of any kind, this is a sign that she’s not interested. While it is true that every woman is different and may not be fully comfortable with certain types of physical affection, an interested woman will at least be OK with things such as hugging, holding hands, kisses on the cheek, etc. If she shuns your every attempt at physical affection, she is likely just not that into you.
  • She Discusses Other Potential Partners with You: One major sign that she isn’t interested is, that she starts to discuss other men with you. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with dating multiple people at once. On the other hand, if she is having whole conversations and asking you for advice about other men she is dating, she is likely much more interested in these men than she is in you.
  • She Takes Forever to Respond to Your Texts, and Sometimes, Not at All: Communication is the foundation of any relationship. In this age, most people keep their smartphones with them at all times. If she seems to take many hours or even days before responding to your texts this is a major sign that she’s no longer interested.
  • She Never Wants to be Alone: Additionally, when women are interested in you, they often like to be alone at some point. No matter if it’s so she can just pick your brain or snuggle and watch movies on the couch, an interested woman will not always want to see you in public places. If she only seems to want to see you at places such as restaurants, parks, movie theaters, etc., this is a sign that she disinterested.
  • She Sends Subliminal Messages on Social Media: Lastly, if you are connected on social media, she is well aware of the fact that you will be reading her posts and updates. If she seems to be sending subliminal messages that imply that she is still searching for Mr. Right, or even include gripes about specific traits you have or things you have done, this is likely her way of telling you she’s turned off. For instance, if you took her to a park for a walk and she posts something like “I hate when men take you free places to avoid paying for dates”, she is probably trying to send you a subliminal message to let you know she is not interested in moving forward.

While it would be nice if we lived in a world in which people were straightforward with their potential partners, unfortunately, this is often not the case. If you are getting the feeling that a woman you have taken on a date is no longer interested, this list of signs is a good way to assess the situation and move on, before you waste any more time or energy. 

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