First Date Ideas In Winter

First Date Ideas In Winter – 30 Hot Tips

First dates, and getting to know one another are always a bit tricky and Winter makes it harder as we are mostly indoors. So we are thinking about staying warm and cozy while getting to know one another, today we will explore some first date ideas in winter that will be casual, easy, and fun.


1. Bowling

Go Ten Pin Bowling, activity is always good and allows you to showcase your skills. Follow the bowling up with a Hamburger, and coffee, keep your first date low key.

2. Trivia

Join a Pub Trivia Group, have a beer and a chat in casual surroundings while you try to answer the questions.

3. Movie experience

If you both like movies, take in a Gold Class Movie experience, where you order dinner and a drink then sit back and enjoy the movie in style. This is a pressure-free first date where you don’t have to talk much.

4. Football Game

Attend a Football/ Rugby game and cheer your team on, follow it up with a casual meal and a debrief on the game.

5. Bike ride

Go for a bike ride through the park. Rug up, hire the bikes for a couple of hours and get out in the fresh air and pedal, this is good as it will put color in your cheeks and help to keep you fit. Follow it up with coffee and cake.

6. Skating

Go to the Ice Skating rink, if you can’t skate, it doesn’t matter as it is much easier to learn with another person, you can lean on one another and it will give you some support and help you bond as you hold one another up.

7. Yoga

Attend a Yoga class, this is relaxing and easy, If you both like Yoga it is a great activity. Follow it up with a bowl of hot soup.

8. madame tussauds

Visit Madame Tussauds Wax Works, have your photos taken with the displays. This is great fun, as you get to have photos with all the famous people.

9. Home dinner

If you live at home or in a house, have dinner at home. Buy a fire pit and cook outside. The winter night Skye is amazing and you may even have a barbecue and toast some marshmallows in the fire pit.

10. Board games

Play some board games, if you have other family members they can play too, either Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly are really good games to bond over and a good introduction to your family.

11. Comedy festival

Go to a comedy festival, it is always good to have a laugh and you’ll soon find out if you share a sense of humor.

12. Relaxing Swim

Go for a swim in an indoor heated pool, follow it up with a hot tub, this is a very relaxing way to get to know another person.

13. cooking class

Attend a Cooking Class and learn to cook together, you can follow this up by inviting your date to dinner at your house the following week.

14. rock climbing

Go rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing is everywhere and helps to make you fit, follow it up with a casual dinner.

15. Shopping

Christmas is coming, go to the light display in the city, and then shop at the Christmas night markets where you can usually eat at the night noodle market. Buy your Christmas presents and get to know one another at the same time.

16. cocktail party

Have a cocktail party, not too large, provide drinks and finger food. Keep the group small and intimate.

17. movie night

Have a movie night at home for just the two of you. Romantic lighting, wine and order your favorite ‘takeaway meals’.

18. country weekend

Have a weekend away in the country, drive to your destination, go for walks, and sit around a log fire, great to get out of the city.

19. 60s night

Get a small group of friends together and have a 60s rock and roll music night, all dress up in 60s fashion, and do the twist listen to some retro music.

20. Charity

Volunteer for a charity packing the Christmas food Hampers, this is a great thing to do together and when you are finished go out for Pizza.

21. zoo

Go to the Zoo, see how the animals are faring in winter. Watch the Seal show and ride the ski lift to the top of the hill where you have a great overview of the animals. Have some lunch in the Kiosk.

22. talent quest

Join the Pub singalong/ talent quest. Showcase your talent by performing your favorite song in public. If you don’t want to do this go to Karaoke instead. Everyone is good at Karaoke and it is much more fun after a couple of drinks.

23. art classes

Attend art classes, try your hand at painting and drawing, you may find that you share a talent.

24. amusement park

Go to a theme Amusement Park, ride on the Ferris Wheel, Giant Slides, and Ghost Train, this will allow you to bond over childhood memories.

25. treasure hunt

Organize a treasure hunt around your city for a small group of people, you will need about five clues and about 6 couples. This is great fun and you will need a prize for the winner. A treasure hunt can be a corporate bonding activity for your office and is a good way to bond on a first date.

26. wine tasting

Attend a wine tasting event, or a craft brewery tasting, whichever your preference it is a great way to bond on a first date.

27. concert

Go to a rock concert, bond over your favorite ‘retro’ or current performer.

28. ghost tour

Do a local Ghost tour organized in your city, usually very scary. Your first date will be screaming and clinging to you as she is confronted by specters from the past.

29. tearoom

Go to ‘High Tea’ at a local Hotel, or tearoom, a fabulous celebration of cakes, scones, and delicate sandwiches.

30. Gallery

Visit the art Gallery or Museum, some of the displays are quite entertaining and exhibits change regularly, and are often free.


There are so many first date ideas in winter that it is hard to know where to start. You just need to find one that suits you and your date. Getting out of your comfort zone can be good for you, so try something fun, crazy, and new.

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