Why Don't Guys Notice Me

Why don’t guys notice me?

Maybe you are a bit too quiet, when everyone else is so ‘out there’, being quiet and not saying a lot just doesn’t cut it.

We live in an era when many run their lives on social media, posting their activities and photos almost hourly, with some it is almost a full-time job taking not only time but money as well.


  • Look stunning, that will get his attention, but it won’t hold it, you need to do more.
  • Smile
  • Wear a lovely stylish perfume.
  • Excel at something, this is always impressive to others.
  • Make friends with him, ask him out for coffee.
  • Find out what his interests are, if it is a sport, you could take it up too.
  • Show your interest without being too pushy.

If someone has caught your eye, don’t keep yourself awake at night worrying about it, as until you know whether or not he feels the same way as you do, it is better not to waste too much time. It is always better to show a pleasant disposition and a positive outlook on life. Nobody is attracted to a negative, scowling person, so being outgoing and friendly is a good start.

Becoming friends with him is always good, without being too obvious that you have a crush on him. Be a good listener, reflect back during the conversation to show that you are listening, and try to maintain good eye contact. I once worked with a lovely man who never took his eyes off your face when you were talking, it took me about a year to work out that he was deaf and actually lip-reading. However, it is extremely flattering to know that someone is listening to you so closely with undivided attention.


  • Try not to share too much detail about yourself, maintain a bit of mystery, let him get to know you slowly.
  • Don’t post anything personal on social media, keep your thoughts about him to yourself.
  • Get your priorities right, and if you are still studying try to put your schooling first.
  • Once you find out what his interests are, for example; debating club, politics, you might find one that you can share, as this is a way of spending time both doing things that you like.
  • Try to spend quality time with him.


Once a person notices you, take it slowly some guys are quite shy, and you don’t want to put him off. Watch his body language, as body language says things that we don’t verbalize. Some people give off a happy vibe, while others are intense, and intense can be off-putting. He might adjust his tie or smooth his hair back and subconsciously he knows that you like him.


  • Maintains eye contact
  • He will try to control the conversation to impress you
  • Often he corrects his posture
  • He will seek you out in a room.
  • He tries to impress you.

Sometimes a guy will like you, but they may pull away from you. This could be that they are very career-focused, and you are not in the plan. Many people both men and women have worked very hard to secure their future, and being in a relationship is not part of the plan yet. So, maintain a friendship and in time you will see what the outcome is, if he likes you enough you may stay together and work out a long term plan.

Careers like medicine and law require many years of work to become established, and for those who have embarked on these areas of work, relationships are not always on the agenda.


Once you have been noticed, you may find that this is not the right man for you, as a lot can change along the way. Or you may find that you form a very close relationship, but because of your careers may be required to spend some time apart. This is a good test for the relationship and often prepares you for your future, if you can spend time apart and then be together again this is a good sign and you have most likely bonded in your relationship.