Self Development Goals Examples

Self Development Goals Examples

How to set effective goals that you will surely accomplish?

In 1979 interviewers asked the Harvard MBA program how many of them set goals.
They found that 84% of the program set no goals at all, 13% of them set goals but they weren’t committed on paper and only 3% actually set goals that were committed on paper and had plans to accomplish them.

10 years on in 1989 they interviewed the same individuals again. The results were absolutely staggering, they found that 13 % who set some goals but hadn’t had them down on paper were making twice as much of the 84% who had never set a goal. And even more staggering was the fact that the 3% who had committed goals written on paper had actually been making more money than the 97% put together.

This article is all about how you can make those goals.

I’m going to share with you three questions that will help you reflect on the goals that maybe you’ve already set, or maybe goals that you’re about to set. Let`s get going with the Self Development Goals Examples.

Are your goals too vague and are they not specific enough?

The reason why I asked this is because maybe one of your goals is to get fit.
Now when you say that do you mean as fit as a model? Do you mean as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo? Do you mean as fit as an athlete?
How do you define fit or is it just fit enough to walk up to your stairs without feeling tired?

Becoming more specific about the goals you want to achieve means that you’re more likely to understand how much planning is involved in terms of time and resources and how you’re going to make it fit into your incredibly busy week. Try to make your goals as specific as possible.

Are your goals too big to be achievable?

Now I’m a big believer in defining your destiny and reaching and accomplishing your goals but Bill Gates had a fantastic piece of wisdom that I want to share with you.

He said:

People overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years

We always feel that we can make a bigger change quickly by impulsively acting, rather than building blocks that will actually be great foundations for future success.
What you need to do this year is actually try and find digestible blocks of work little pieces of action that will help you effectively bring about change in small areas of your life.

When these add up and build together you gain momentum and that will affect things in the future for you as well.

Are you surrounded by the right people and are you influenced by the right people?

If for example, your goal is to give up chocolate. It won’t help if you work at a chocolate factory, you live next to a chocolate manufacturer, your best friend loves chocolate, and you’re making a chocolate cake on the weekends it’s just not going to be possible.

You need to be spending time with people who have the same goal but also people who have achieved that goal and made it into a habit.

Are you aware of the little milestones that you need to reach to incentivize you daily?

We need to feel inspired by our goals every day and if you’re feeling that your goal is too far away or a tangible outcome is too far a distance, you need to make it closer.

You need to be noticing and observing the small things, the small changes that you can be grateful for that you see every single day or every single week.

Make sure you know your milestones otherwise you’re going to get lost.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible and therefore you really need to write your goals down.
Writing your goals down makes them a focus point, make sure that everything you’re doing in life becomes aligned with those areas.
We have to make sure that what you want and what you’re thinking about what you say and what you do are in line.

That’s how we create harmony in our lives.
I really hope this self-development goals examples article has been relevant for your goal-setting I really look forward to seeing your goals and seeing you achieve them this year.

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