How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone You Cant Have

How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone You Can’t Have

As good as dating and relationships feel, it’s not always perfect. There are situations where you want someone you can’t have or doesn’t feel the same way you do.

For instance, when you fall for someone who’s already taken, the tendency is to chase after them harder. However, this will drive them away further from you. You stop obsessing over them by trying to get over them and by moving forward with your life. In that’s this article, we’ll be talking about the ways on how to stop obsessing over someone you cant have.

Recognize their flaws

It’s so easy to obsess over someone when all you see are their perfect and too-good-to-be-true quality traits. However, infatuation gives us the capacity to overlook someone’s flaws, even if they’re red flags. It’s natural to want someone even more because you can’t have them, but stop excusing their flaws for what they really are.

For instance, if someone in a relationship gives you all these mixed signals, it’s a flaw in their inability to remain loyal to their significant other. You stop obsessing over them when you realize they aren’t as good as a person as you originally thought.

Realize you don’t need them – Stop obsessing over someone

When you’re obsessed with your feelings towards someone, chasing for their attention and affection may seem like you need them – but you don’t. You learned to live without them in the picture and you’ll do it again. It’s generally hard to want someone you can never have, but it’s even harder to lose yourself in the process of wanting someone.

You stop obsessing over them by doing things such as being unmindful of their presence or not needing them anymore. If they’ve been used to you chasing after their attention, refusing to do so will be the strongest and most impactful thing you can do to stop obsessing over them.

Find a support system

Out of anyone in your life, your friends can see the most how you’ve poured your energy and time into someone that doesn’t want you back. Your friends can help you stay grounded in not doing anything like running after them or begging for their attention. You can stop obsessing over them when you have friends to stop you from doing so and to make you realize the mistake you’re doing.

The more you chase after someone, the more you sacrifice your sense of self-worth. The fact that you can’t have them should be enough for you to walk away and focus on other things instead.

Stop giving them power

Even if you really like them – or even claim to love them – you still can’t have them.

For instance, they aren’t ready to be in a relationship with you, stop going after them, hoping that they’ll regret their decision or that you can suddenly change their decision of not being ready. It’s not your responsibility to change or fix them, even if you want to.

If someone truly wants to be with you, no excuse will ever hold them back from doing so. You give power to them when you continue to prove that obsession such as going after them.

Love yourself

The most important thing on this list all comes down to loving yourself and owning who you are. If you can’t have them, walk away and never look back since there’s no changing that fact. Give all the attention, love, and energy you would have given to them to yourself instead. That way, you aren’t sacrificing anything, but you’re helping yourself move on and forget about them completely.

Obsessing over someone you can’t have is hard enough, but it isn’t genuine love as love is not about obsession or attachment. Love should come naturally and easily – it shouldn’t come in the form of begging for attention on anyone’s part.

In conclusion

I hope this article was able to shed insight into the ways on how to stop obsessing over someone you cant have. These ways should help you enough to move forward with your life and accept that you can’t be with them. It’s best to find someone who truly deserves your energy instead of chasing someone who can never be yours.