What To Do And Not To Do At A Job Interview – 36 Tips

There are many things to do and not to do at a job interview. You should show up on time, dress appropriately, answer questions directly and concisely, be polite with the interviewer, display confidence in your abilities, and much more. Your resume is important too! Check out this blog post for some helpful hints.

Things To Do And Not To Do At A Job Interview:

1. Don’t be late

Do not show up late, even if it’s just a few minutes. You will look unprofessional and may be turned away altogether.

2. Dress nice

Dress appropriately; the first impression matters a lot.

3. Resume or application

Do not go to the interview without a resume or application, if possible. Even if you’re applying for an entry-level position, having something to show that you are capable of what they need is essential!

4. Be confident at the job interview

Be confident in what you have done and what your skills are. Be prepared with answers for typical questions like “What are your strengths?” and “What kind of person do you think would be best for this position?”

What To Do And Not To Do At A Job Interview

5. Don’t bring it up

Do not bring up what the company could do to make life easier unless they specifically ask. If they don’t mention it themselves, then that’s a sign you probably shouldn’t either.

6. Language at the job interview

Do not curse or be rude to any other person in the building.

7. Too friendly with the interviewer

Don’t try to appear too friendly or close with the interviewer, as they will start expecting this type of behavior

8. Company social media

Check out their social media pages before the interview. This will give you an idea of what they post about on a regular basis, what their interests are, and what kind of people work there too!

9. Ask questions at the job interview

Do not be afraid to ask questions if something comes up that doesn’t make sense or is unclear. This shows them your interest in what the company has to offer.

10. Be confident

Be confident! Act like this is your dream job and what you’ve been waiting for your whole life. It’s okay to show excitement; it shows that what they have to offer reels you in from the start! Be enthusiastic about what they want for their company.

11. Focus on the interview

Do not forget what is at stake. This interview can be what makes or breaks your career! It’s important to stay focused and use this as an opportunity for what you have been waiting for, so make sure it counts before disaster strikes!

12. Politics at the job interview

Don’t talk about political views such as what you think the country should do or how people are living. This can be offensive and may lead to an immediate decline of interest in what they have to offer, which is not what we want!

13. Mobile off and face-down

Turn off your phone before the interview. If you must have it on, make sure to silence notifications and set it face-down so as not to distract yourself or them from what is being discussed.

14. Don’t smell…

Do not wear perfume or cologne; this can be a distraction for those around you who are trying to focus on what’s happening in the room.

15. Don’t interrupt

Don’t interrupt what they’re saying or what the interviewer is asking about. It’s okay to come back with a question, but listen carefully first!

16. Don’t fidget

Don’t fidget with what you’re wearing and things.

17. No lying during the interview

Do not lie during an interview; this is grounds for immediate termination, no matter what!

18. Natural talking

Stay natural and conversational; don’t try too hard or seem like a robot who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

19. Want to be there

Do what you can to make it seem like the interview is what you want! It’s important not to focus on what could go wrong, but rather on what this opportunity means for your future and how much of a difference it will make in your life if all goes well.

20. Remember the eyes

Make eye contact. This is what shows that you are paying attention and listening closely to what they have to say. It also lets them know you’re interested in what the company has to offer, not just what’s good for your resume.

21. Don’t be rude

Do not talk down to those interviewing you.

22. Clear answers

Make your answers clear and concise.

23. Don’t hurry

It’s okay to pause if what they ask is a little confusing, but try not to ramble on too much.

24. Do some research before the interview

Do your research! It shows that you are interested in what the company has to offer and what makes them different from any other place out there and will show the interviewer right off the bat how eager you are for this opportunity.

25. Don’t trash talk your employer

Never complain about your current employer or what they’re doing.

26. Should you ask about the salary

Don’t bring up salary unless the interviewer does first and even then, only if it’s something you want them to know about.

27. Former boss

Do not talk about what your previous boss was like.

28. Be positive

A cheerful demeanor will go a long way.

29. Show your strengths

Do what you can to make them like what they see and want more of it! Show off your strengths, humor, and personality as much as possible. This is what will lead the interviewer to realize that this position could be perfect for what they need!

30. Remember your manners

Don’t sit down before invited to.

31. Is the interviewer comfortable?

Do what you can to make the interviewer feel comfortable and at ease with what they have to say, for it is important that this interview goes well for all parties involved!

32. Don’t eat this before your job interview

Don’t eat garlic before an interview.

33. Keep your personal life private

Do not mention anything about your personal life that is irrelevant to what they’re asking about or could come off as offensive and inappropriate!

34. Don’t lie about your past

Be honest; don’t hide what has happened in your past or what you’re looking for out of a job. This will show them what kind of person you are and what they can expect out of this position.

35. Remember to thank everybody

Say thank you to the interviewer at the end of it all! This not only shows that what was discussed mattered but also makes for a better first impression than if they were left off with just an awkward handshake or no conversation whatsoever.

36. Remember the time after the interview

Thank them for their time and consideration during a job interview, even if it’s just an email correspondence or phone call; this shows that you were thankful for what was given to you.


When you’re interviewing for a job, it’s important to remember that first impressions really do matter.

This means not being late, dressing nicely, and having your resume or application on hand if possible.

Being confident in who you are as an individual and what skills you can bring to the table is also essential!

Make sure you go into the interview with confidence so they know how much of a great fit you would be for their company culture.

Good luck with your next interview!