Tinder Tips For Fat Guys – Fail Proof Technique

Tinder tips for fat guys – what to write in your bio, what pictures to choose and how to get matches.

Let’s face it, tinder is a great place to meet women, but tinder is also pretty terrible. Chances of being rejected on tinder are high for everyone, but even higher if you’re a fat guy. Luckily there are some tinder tips for fat guys that will decrease the chance of getting rejected and increase your number of matches.

In tinder, you have a finite number of words to get the attention of your match. That’s why it’s important to create a bio that will help your tinder profile stand out from all the other profiles in their feed.

There’s also one more important thing you must have in your profile to increase your tinder matches: a photo of yourself and not just any photo, a tinder-worthy photo but more on that later.

In this article, we are going to provide tinder tips for fat guys and give you some pointers on what you can do to increase your chances of being matched with someone who is interested in you.

We recommend you start by including a quote or story about yourself so people know more about you before swiping right. Add an interesting photo and use emojis sparingly but appropriately.

Finally, don’t forget to include your height and weight! Remember, tinder is a numbers game and it’s important to do everything you can to boost your Tinder profile.

Tinder Tips For Fat Guys

Tinder is a numbers game

Tinder is a numbers game, so use your tinder profile must stand out from the rest of the tinder population. But how do you do that?

Here are some tinder tips for fat guys that will help your tinder profile pop:

So what should you write in the bio?

Include a quote or story about yourself in the bio section of tinder

Women like men who have a good sense of humor. So if you are funny, don’t be shy!

Don’t write anecdotes or jokes in your bio. But you can say funny things about yourself.

Here are some examples of tinder lines that you can use:

  • I am not looking for something serious. I just want a wife and some kids.
  • I’m more fun than your ex.
  • Better looking when seen in person
  • write a funny tinder bio line here
  • I am tinder trash.
  • This tinder life is not for me. Hit me up on LinkedIn instead.
  • Non-monogamous romantic

What do you like to do?

Having hobbies that are interesting and cool can make a big difference to girls. Plus, it shows you don’t just stay home and play video games all day.

Tinder can be a fruitful hunting ground for fat dudes. Some good hobbies are photography, hiking, cooking or skiing.

Adding pictures to your bio is a good idea. Pictures are important for girls who may not look at other parts of your profile. Picture of you doing some cool stuff will help your tinder profile pop. But more importantly, tinder is about first impressions so if you have mediocre tinder photos, it will hurt your tinder game.

Do you have high value?

If you have a high tinder value, it means your tinder profile will stand out more than the guys with a low tinder value. A photo of you and an ex-girlfriend or a picture with celebrities is a great way to show off your tinder value and get matches on tinder.

Also if you are some type of a leader in your industry, have a good job, or are just an interesting person, put that in your tinder profile.

Another important area you can show value in is pre-selection. Preselection is when women see that other women are interested in you.

It is important to organize your thoughts, be short and to the point, and to be clear

You want to avoid using the word ‘I’. You can write a short sentence that describes you. For example, instead of saying “I love hiking” say “Hiking enthusiast”.

Think and include an activity that you can do with another person

Add something to your Tinder Bio like cooking, salsa dancing, or wine connoisseur. You can use this later as bait when you want someone to go on a date with you.

You should have something in your story that is sexual

Having a sexual statement helps screen out girls who are prudes about sex. But if you are looking for non-sexual girls skip this point.

Some examples of this are to write that you are a great cuddler, you give good massages, or that you have very good oral skills.

You want her to know that you don’t just care about how she looks. You care about quality and everything else too

You also want to use these to set frames that might help you have intimacy on the date.

Examples of these include Humor, Open-Minded, and adventurousness with a booty that makes your mouth water. She likes to smile but she can be serious when you need her to!

Avoid writing about negative stuff in your tinder bio and tinder profile.

If you do write about negative stuff keep it to a minimum or you’ll come across as bitter and insecure. Tinder is great for meeting new people – just think of the tinder bio section as an advertisement for who you are.

So please don’t use your tinder bio as a place to complain about being fat.

It’s okay if you’re feeling down about yourself for any reason, but tinder is not the place to be giving off negative vibes. It is important that you portray yourself in a positive way and tinder is a great place to do that.

Make sure you have an interesting photo in your tinder profile

Important things to consider with your tinder pictures:

Tell a story with your tinder picture

In your picture, tell a story. Make people feel like they are there with you. For example, a picture from your holiday trip or from a party is more interesting than just a selfie. Do you have a motorcycle? If your tinder profile picture shows you on the motorcycle, that is a great pick.

Have style in your tinder picure

You should be well dressed and groomed in your picture. You will show that you take care of yourself.

Change the mood

In your profile, try to show different parts of yourself. You might want to have some pictures that are more serious or intense, but you don’t want all of them to be like this. Girls will not want to go on a date with a guy if he only has one side of himself.

Natural posing style

If you want to take a good picture, it is not good if you try too hard. It should look like it was something that just happened. So have someone taking a picture of you and you don’t even notice it.

No selfies on tinder

Don’t use tinder pictures that are selfies. Save the selfies for later, like on Facebook or Instagram.

Avoid these type of tinder pictures

The Headshot

Probably this person should not have been in the picture because they were drunk. The picture was blurry and you can’t tell if he has brown eyes or blue eyes or purple eyes.

Bad group photo

This travel-happy guy is always taking photos of himself and his friends. They’re all so awkward in this photo, but I’m sure they still have a great time together!

The Car Selfie

You shouldn’t take selfies in cars and post them on Tinder. It’s a tight place with no background, so girls will think you don’t go out anywhere.

Fishing Photo

Look at this big fish. Please don’t put it on Tinder. You can post it on Instagram or Facebook if you want to but not on a dating site because girls are sick of seeing the same photo on every man’s profile. Instead, give them something different and unique that they like.

Avoid too many emojis

Be careful with how many emojis you use – they can go from being cute to feeling like spam very quickly! Emojis are great for when you’re flirting with a girl, but if your bio is full of emojis it can seem like you’re trying too hard.

Who to swipe right on

Remember that tinder is not just about looks; it’s also important that you are actually interested in what the person has to say! Swipe right on someone only if you’re genuinely interested in them as well. So be selective with who you swipe right on.

What to say on tinder

Don’t ask the same boring tinder questions that everybody else asks like how are you, what are you up to? Keep tinder questions fun and interesting! People love talking about themselves so ask them questions that will make them excited to respond. The best tinder questions are the ones that get people talking about themselves or give them a chance to talk about their interests!

Here are some examples:

  • I think I seen you before somewhere?
  • There’s this place downtown that has the most amazing blueberry pancakes and I’ve been meaning to go there for ages…join me?
  • I’m struggling to find a tinder date. Can you help me out?

Boring tinder questions will get boring tinder responses so keep it fun and interesting!

So in short: tinder pictures should tell a story, be well dressed and groomed, show different sides of yourself and be natural as hell. Save the selfies for later (Facebook or Instagram).

Avoid tinder pictures like The Headshot, Bad group photo, Fishing Photo and Car selfie. Don’t ask boring tinder questions.

And don’t try to swipe right on every tinder girl you see – be selective! You don’t want upset the Tinder algorithm.

We hope these tinder tips for fat guys helped you a little bit in your tinder journey. All the best and swipe right 🙂