Signs Your Wife Has Checked Out Of The Marriage

Signs Your Wife Has Checked Out Of The Marriage

Since we live in a country with a 40-50% divorce rate, knowing the signs of a fading marriage can be a great way to protect yourself or if you wish an opportunity to woo your wife back.

Indeed, given that many people see divorce as either a sin or an epic failure, it usually takes quite a while for someone to admit when they are no longer invested in the marriage.

Luckily, there are often telltale signs to help you realize that your partner is either ready to cheat or move on.

With that in mind, here is a list of ways to tell that your wife has already checked out of the marriage.

5 Signs Your Wife Has Checked Out Of The Marriage

1. She Always Wants to Fight

One of the top ways to tell your wife is over your marriage is that she always wants to fight. Sure, most couples go through periods where they can’t seem to get along to save their lives, but if she always seems ready to leap down your through for the smallest issue, odds are, she has already checked out of the marriage.

She is either doing this to make an excuse to leave and see her new love interest, or she is trying to build herself up to ultimately screech out those dreaded words, “I WANT A DIVORCE!”

2. Her Behavior or Personality has Changed 

Another sign that your wife has checked out of your marriage is that you notice major changes in her personality or behavior. On the one hand, some level of changing and evolving is natural. However, if your wife seems to change in a major way overnight, this is likely because she has checked out of the marriage.

For instance, if she suddenly picks up a bad habit, such as smoking, this is probably because she has some bad boy on the side who she’s trying to bond with or impress. Also, if she goes from being very talkative to hardly wanting to talk at all, it’s probably because she’s spending all her energy working on your walking papers.

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3. She No Longer Wants to Make Plans

A major sign that your wife has checked out of the marriage is that she no longer wants to make plans of any kind.

Not only is she not trying to plan for dates, but she also doesn’t want to talk about things such as having children, buying a house, saving for retirement, etc.

Rather than being excited about these things, she often tries to change the conversation when you bring them up. Why? Because these things are about the future, and in her mind, you’re no longer in it. 

4. She Stops Nagging You

Sure, the thought of your wife not nagging you may seem like a dream come true.

Nevertheless, this is also a sign that she is no longer invested in the relationship. In general, what many men consider to be “nagging”, is simply an attempt to get you to change behaviors that she feels may eventually be detrimental to your relationship.

If she suddenly doesn’t care how much time you spend playing your PlayStation or how much red meat you eat (despite your high blood pressure), odds are, she has simply accepted that you are no longer the man for her and is planning to move on.

5. She Went from Praising You to Becoming Overly Critical

Another major sign that your wife has checked out of your marriage is that she went from praising and uplifting you to criticizing and berating you. This often happens for one of two reasons. One the one hand, it could be that you are extremely hot and she overlooked many of your issues in favor of lying next to your hotness every night.

On the other hand, she has either evolved in some aspect or met a new man who is the total opposite of you, and now she can no longer stand the things about you that she used to find so adorable.

For instance, if both of you have been sitting around eating junk food for a decade and your wife suddenly comes home complaining about how gross and unhealthy your eating habits are, be prepared for some major changes. Your marriage status is likely at the top of that list. 

Overall, in a perfect world, all marriages would last forever. Unfortunately, in the real world, almost half of the marriages in this country are lucky to make it to year 5. While you may not want to think about your marriage ending (or maybe you’re thrilled, who knows), learning to recognize the signs will allow you to either brace yourself for the divorce or make the necessary changes to fix your marriage, and buy yourself another few years, at least. 

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