Seductive Colors Psychology

Seductive Colors Psychology – [Men and Women]

So, you’re back in the dating game, and you’re looking for something that might tip the balance in your favor. It can sometimes seem as though you’re just another face on the dating scene but, surprisingly, colors might hold the secret to standing out amongst the crowd. If you want to find out more, then you’re in the right place, because this blog post will be taking you through the most seductive colors according to psychology. I’ll help you know what color might work best for you, depending on what you’re looking for. Sexual attraction? Romantic intimacy? Don’t worry, this post will cover it all, so sit back, and find out what colors might work for you on your next date.

What color turns a woman on?

Just as a little warning here to anybody looking to attract a woman their way; different women like different things. And that’s OK, this guide isn’t extensive. The best way to know what colors your partner finds attractive is to ask (when you’re comfortable enough to do that of course). But, until then, maybe these tips will help you guess.

Sexual Attraction for women

In a post looking at seductive colors we HAVE to start with sexual attraction because if we’re being honest with ourselves, that’s the juicy stuff that we’re all excited to read about. So, I’m going to take you through the colors that might just make a woman feel turned on. And yes, you guessed it, I’m going to be starting with black.

Black has been associated with seduction, mystery, sex, and sophistication since psychology first started looking into the meaning of colors. In fact, black tops almost every list of colors that women find attractive, regardless of sexual orientation. So, ladies and gents, maybe you ought to think about investing in a black piece of clothing for your next date with a woman.

Unusually, white appears pretty high up on the ‘turn on’ color list. I say it’s unusual because, color psychology studies over the world have found that white is most often seen as representing something honest, pure, and virginal. But, now that I think about it, maybe somebody with those qualities could make women hot under the collar, after all, there’s no better reason for feeling sexually attracted to somebody than thinking they’re honest and trustworthy.

Romantic Intimacy for women

We can’t just talk about sex though (however much we may want to), because romance really isn’t dead, and it’s something a lot of us put stock in, myself included. So, what are the colors that make women feel more intimate romantically?

The first color that can really make a woman feel more romantically intimate, is blue. Color psychology has shown blue to be associated with trust, reliability, and belonging. It’s no surprise then, that women find somebody wearing blue to be a partner they can rely on. If you’re looking for more than just casual sex, maybe try on a nice blue shirt for your next date, and you might just be surprised by the romance that blossoms.

Another color that might just help a woman to feel more romantic towards you, is brown. I know, it might not be the color that first pops into your head for romance, but who are we to argue with science. Well, sort of science, these studies aren’t going to be winning any Nobel prizes any time soon, but hey, if they work, they work. Brown has actually been found to be associated with protectiveness and hardworking individuals, and what woman can resist feeling protected by their lover?

What turns a man on?

Ladies and gentleman seeking a male partner, I have good news, it’s your turn! Now we get to find out what colors can help to turn a man on, but as before, just remember that each man is different.

Sexual Attraction for men

Ok, so this part is going to contain something of a clich√©, but it’s what the studies say, so who are we to argue? That’s right, the number one color that men find sexually attractive is red.

So there IS a reason why women have favored red lipstick all this time, huh? Turns out that men really can’t resist the color red, a color with historic links to passion, danger, stimulation, and sex. And let’s be honest gents, most guys can’t resist the femme fatale type, even if eventually they do fall for the girl next door. Maybe next time you’re trying to attract a man’s gaze your way, you could try a little red lipstick, or a red piece of clothing to keep their eyes on you?

A little crossover with the women here, men also find black to be incredibly sexy, thanks to the colors associated with sophistication, elegance, and seduction. Hell, next time you’re out with a guy, why not team your favorite red shirt with a black pair of shoes and you’ll have hearts racing in no time?

Romantic Intimacy for men

The colors that can really make a man fall for you, might not be particularly surprising to you either, but they definitely helped me to understand why there are so many reds and pinks around for Valentine’s Day. Because if you’re not trying to seduce your man on Valentine’s, then you’re probably trying to make him fall even more in love with you, and whilst red’s got the sex covered, pink covers love.

Pink is associated with being soft, sweet, and nurturing. So, when you’re trying to make a man fall for you even harder, pink might just be the ticket to his heart.

Another color that surprised me a little more, was orange. But after a little thought, I guess I kind of get it too. Orange is associated with fun, playfulness, and kindness. It makes sense, because wouldn’t we all want a romantic partner that’s capable of filling our lives with joy?


And that, unfortunately, brings us to the end of the most seductive colors according to psychology. I think the main thing to remember here though, as with any dating advice, is that if you be yourself, you’re bound to attract the right person to you. Wear the colors that you’re most comfortable with, and your confidence will shine through. After all, there’s nothing sexier than a man or woman who is comfortable in their own skin!