Reddit dating Topics Top 7 all-time – (The best and worst)

Dating can be a tricky business. What should you wear? Where should you go? What should you say?

And, of course, once you’ve managed to navigate your way through all of those potential pitfalls, there’s always the question of whether or not the other person is actually interested in you.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many people turn to Reddit for dating advice. After all, who knows more about dating than the people who are doing it themselves?

Let’s go over the 7 most popular Reddit dating topics of all time

1. I have a confession to make

“My boyfriend’s favorite thing in the world is to tell stories, so sometimes when he references one of them I tell him he’s never told me that one even if he has. He gets really passionate about it and I like hearing him talk”.


My observation is that a lot of the “dating” advice on Reddit is geared towards young men in their 20s who are looking to score with as many women as possible. This particular story, however, is from a woman who is in a committed relationship and just trying to keep things fresh.

This is a really cute and clever way to get your partner to talk more about himself and share old memories with you. It also shows that you’re invested in getting to know him better. Well done!

2. My friend got offended that I won’t hook up with her bc of her size…am I wrong?

“My friend (25F) and I (28M) have been friends for a few years. In the past, we would hang out and enjoy each other’s company. We aren’t close but sometimes it’s just nice to hang with someone to kill time or just not be alone for the day and she feels the same

Well she asked me if I wanted to hook up and have sex but I told her no…she asked why and I was honest…she’s very overweight to near obese levels. She’s a sweetheart but I just can’t do it

I told her politely as I could but she got mad

A hookup is literally about physical attraction; it’s not an emotional thing…but how can I do a hookup with a woman to who I’m just NOT physically attracted to?

A few days have passed but She occasionally will make passive-aggressive comments about it. Like if we are texting and asking if I’m having plans and I say no she would said: “well you would tonight but you said I’m too fat so that sucks.”

She keeps cornering me to apologize but I don’t want to be bullied for being honest

Am I wrong?”


It’s not wrong to have standards, especially when it comes to physical attraction. Your friend should be flattered that you’re honest enough to tell her straight up rather than lead her on.

3. I just got dumped because I like corn in my spaghetti

“The title really says it all. I have been talking to this guy for about 2 months. I randomly told him I like corn in my spaghetti and kind of teased him to try it. He circled back around like 5 minutes later it really bothered him. He then goes on to say if he worked tirelessly on a meal to cook me he would be extremely offended if I soiled my gourmet meal with corn in it. He would genie be pissed. At this point, I’m pretty weirded out at how this is unfolding but offered that I make the spaghetti and I’ll just add corn to mine. He said I didn’t get it and then went on to discuss my shit taste in books. I told him this is going to take me a minute to process and I’m going to have to call him back. He dumped me via text. So that’s the story of how I got dumped because I like corn in my spaghetti”.


It’s a good thing he dumped you when he did; you clearly weren’t compatible. His distaste for corn in spaghetti is a clear sign that you two would have had many more arguments down the road.

4. I didn’t “ghost” you. I stopped attempting to initiate every conversation hoping you would put the same effort in but you didn’t.

“I would guess that most of the people here understand this. But I feel like this has been a constant issue with OLD. And I can’t help but want to vent.

If the expectation is on me to initiate and carry on every conversation then I’ll assume you’re not that interested and carry on. I’m not going to ask if you’re interested. Because I feel like you should be able to show that.”


It can be tough trying to figure out the expectations of people you meet online, especially if they don’t seem to be putting in the same amount of effort as you. I feel like this is a common issue with online dating – it’s hard to tell if someone is actually interested or not. I’m glad you recognized this and didn’t ghost the other person – that would have been unfair. hopefully, this person will start putting in more effort so you can continue the conversation.

5. I had the worst date of my entire life

“I(29f) met this guy(32m) on hinge & we were talking for about a week. He lived an hour away from me so we were trying to plan our first date. We spent a lot of time talking on the phone and had some FaceTime dates & I was really feeling him. He was handsome & fit with a good job and no kids, that was rare enough as is.

Eventually, he asks me to go to this botanical garden to look at Christmas lights at night, which was another hour from me but two hours away from him. When he showed up to pick me up. He had two babies in the car. He tells me he lied to me & that he is a father. I got so mad. But I felt obligated to proceed with the date since he had just driven an hour out to see me with these kids.

So we go the whole extra hour out, I’m still mad so I’m not talking much. The babies are f(6) & m(4). We get there & when everyone got out of the car I noticed his daughter wasn’t dressed at all for this occasion. It was cold that night & he had her in a t-shirt & biker shorts with mismatched socks on & mismatched ballerina slippers & her curly mixed-girl hair was not done at all it looked like she rolled out of bed & he just brought her out there. I felt embarrassed because I know ppl would look at us thinking I’m her mother & wonder how I have her out here looking a hot mess like that, while I’m looking cute, rocking Gucci but this child doesn’t even have a jacket.

So we go into the garden and his kids start throwing the biggest tantrums over normal basic child care. “We’re hungry dad we haven’t eaten in hours” “we’re thirsty” “I’m cold” I was like? He didn’t have any supplies for them for this two-hour road trip he brought them on.

And the whole time they’re suffering he wants to be all up on me & ignoring them. I also noticed when he was close to me he reeked of tequila. Now they’re yelling “I hate u dad” & telling me they don’t like me. I’m sitting there like look I’m with y’all I’m starting to hate y’all, daddy, too. That place had no food for them, nowhere to buy drinks, and no little store to buy them jackets. I was like look I’m ready to go.

So we’re leaving it’s late like 10 pm. We drive off and pass all this city driving for like 20 mins, didn’t stop once to feed these kids. Oh and he can’t drive he’s swerving all over the road most likely drunk & he runs out of gas. On a bridge.

I just couldn’t believe it I thought running out of gas was something u did when you’re between 16-19 years old. We sat there, kids whining, him throwing anger fit at himself me texting my sister to come to get me…we sat there for 45 mins, and eventually, a nice person stopped and gave him some gas.

We drive to the nearest gas station the kids are asleep I run into the gas station because I am also hungry and buy me some snacks while I think he’s filling up the car. The line was long and I was probably in the store for 10 minutes. When I came out he was standing by the pump & got mad when he saw me I said what’s wrong and he began walking into the store & said “I need to pay for gas” so I was like did he expect me to fill his tank?

He pays gets gas we go on our way he’s swerving like crazy now. We get to my house at like midnight & he’s saying his phone is dead. I didn’t give a ____ but I felt bad for them kids so I said okay y’all can come in to use a charger. This man came inside & fell straight to sleep on the couch. I had to put his kids back to sleep in my guest room. I went into my room & stayed up just because I didn’t want him in my house.

Once 6 am hit I woke his ass up and told him to go. Those poor kids were still trying to eat they were asking me if I had cereal. I gave them some granola bars and said bye.

Best believe he got blocked the second that door shut”.


This guy sounds like a total disaster. He clearly wasn’t honest with you from the beginning, and then tried to take you on a date that was way out of your way. Avoid him at all costs – he’s not worth your time!

6. Let’s stop telling people “looks don’t matter”, because they absolutely do, to the vast majority of people

“People who genuinely have a “Looks don’t matter” mentality towards other people they would date are very rare. For the vast majority of people, men, and women, looks DO matter and they play a considerable role in attraction alongside other things.

No, it’s not the only thing that matters, but it IS a thing that matters.

So whenever someone suggests that they may be unattractive and that could play a role in their lack of (fe)male attention, don’t just doubt them because it could very well be a factor. Alongside other things.

The majority of couples have matched looks, sometimes with one considerably more attractive than the other (usually the woman more attractive). But if the majority of couples have matched looks, it should be an indicator that “leagues” are somewhat real.

Either way, “looks don’t matter” is like saying “personality doesn’t matter”. They both matter a lot. Unless you are in the small minority, you are likely lying when you are saying that someone’s looks don’t play a role in your romantic attraction to them.

Both men and women have been rejected because the rejectee decided they weren’t physically attractive enough, whether it be facial features, height, weight, clothes, etc. To pretend this doesn’t happen (even often or frequently) is wishful thinking!


Beauty is subjective, and therefore people can find different people attractive. While it is true that looks may play a role in attraction, it is not the only thing that matters. There are many other factors that contribute to the attraction, such as personality, sense of humor, and intelligence. So while looks may be important, they are not the only thing that matters when it comes to finding someone attractive.

7. My date bailed without saying anything so I went on the date anyways.

“I and My bumble date who I’ve met once before were supposed to hang out today. We were gonna go on a hiking trail and then out to dinner.

I texted to confirm the date last night and he opens my chat but doesn’t respond.

Today comes and I decided I still wanted to go but I went with my favorite person instead….. myself ?

I had an AMAZING time solo. Don’t get discouraged if someone bails on you”.


Well, at least you had a good time! Solo dates can be a lot of fun – you get to do what you want when you want. Plus, you never know, you might meet someone new and interesting while you’re out!

So overall, it’s important to remember that there are many different aspects to a successful relationship. While looks may be important to some people, they are not the only thing that matters. There are many other factors, such as personality, sense of humor, and intelligence, that contribute to a successful relationship.

I hope these stories did not scare you off from dating altogether – they are just a reminder that you should be careful and take your time getting to know someone before you get too serious. Happy dating!