Most attractive clothing color – step by step guide

It’s time to stop second-guessing your fashion choices.

What color clothing should you wear? The answer is simple: the most flattering clothes in the room!

But there are some colors that will benefit you more than others. For example, black and navy blue make people appear slim and sophisticated, while bright colors like red or yellow add a little sizzle to any outfit. So if you’re trying to impress someone special, let’s find out what color clothing you should wear?

What color clothing should You wear to attract someone?

One of the most key aspects of attraction is clothing selection. For one, it is important to note that your clothes should match the tone of the event you are attending. You don’t want to have a formal outdoor wedding wearing a bright pink gown. Conversely, you don’t want to wear your cocktail dress to an interview.

Secondly, it also matters what kind of colors you are wearing; this is because colors carry different meanings.

For instance, yellow carries a happy and energetic feeling while blue carries a feeling of tranquility and calmness.

This article covers various pointers with regards to deciding on what color clothing you should wear to attract someone. It also sheds light on some common designer mistakes with regard to color coordination; for instance, just because you have a black dress does not mean that any accessories will do- it is important to be aware of which colors work best with your outfit.

Wear this color if you want attention

If you are trying to impress someone, it is best to wear colors that will draw the most attention- this means bright colors like red or yellow.

If you are not comfortable in these bright colors, then go for lighter colors instead. For instance, pink represents love while green represents fertility and good luck. Furthermore, black and navy blue make people appear slim and sophisticated.

Don’t mismatch colors if you want to attract someone

In addition to the colors you choose to wear, it is important not to mismatch colors either.

For example, if you are wearing a black dress, do not mix up black accessories with your outfit as it will only serve to detract from your overall image instead of giving it a boost. You don’t want to be whole black or white.

Another tip is to remember the color wheel and how colors work with one another.

For example, if you are wearing a red shirt and blue jeans, then avoid clashing these two colors together by accessorizing with a red belt or blue shoes.

If you wish to match your shoes with your dress, choose colors that are close to the color of your dress.

Most Attractive Clothing Color

The colors that will help you attract someone

There are certain colors that will help you appear more confident in front of your crush. One of these colors is red, which has been deemed to be a strong attention-getter.

Historically, red is the color that warms our hearts, but when in a social setting – especially in front of your crush – it will warm their heart towards you instead!

There are many studies made on the effect of colors on our brains. According to these studies, red is an intense color that can ignite passion, energy, and power in one’s mood.

While red shouldn’t be worn in everyday life (meaning: don’t buy a bright red dress for your sister’s wedding), it will help you out in a social setting where you want to be noticed.

For example, going out for a casual dinner with your crush is the perfect time to wear red lipstick and a red dress! Men can wear something red as well… their tie perhaps or a red t-shirt or something else red.

Women wearing red clothes

To confirm this, a group of researchers conducted an experiment for 2 different colors, red or another color. It was found that men asked more intimate or personal questions to women wearing the color red than any other color. Likewise, they sat closer to women wearing red. Compared to other colors, women wearing the color red were also more sought after.

Men wear red if you want to impress women

The same was true in the case of women: the same researchers conducted experiments on women and what they felt for men against a red backdrop or for men wearing red shirts. The women were later questioned. Most of them said that they had a stronger sexual attraction to men in red. They also thought that men who wore red had higher social statuses.

The relation between Red color and love is that it can be used to attract people

In psychology, red is a color that stands for sex and fertility. It also stands for other things like social status, health, and passion.

The example of male cardinal birds with bright red feathers or female monkeys in the heat with bright red rumps proves this.

Men tend to think of women wearing red as more attractive. Women, on the other hand, tend to think men in red are socially elevated and this makes them feel attracted to them. Red influences the feelings and behaviors of humans just like it does with animals.

  • Do you want to know how to attract someone with colors?
  • Wear red to be seen as attractive and a possible sexual partner
  • Red is another hue that men may wear to demonstrate their higher social rank
  • Wearing red can help you suggest that your next meeting will be an intimate encounter
  • Red is the color that will bring together all your senses and emotions. It can help you create chemistry between yourself, potential partner, or friends when it comes to love
  • Red can make you feel stronger and more loving.


Next time when you want to attract attention from your crush, remember the color red. Men wearing a little bit of this color can work as well. In addition to that, women should also not be afraid to experiment with red lipstick and other red makeup!

Remember: going out on a date? Wear red! Want to make him notice you in class more often? Wear red!

Want to make her want you? Wear red!

The color red will help you attract your crush. If they are shy, wearing red can also help them feel more confident in front of you. Red is the best color to use when you want to create an intimate or sexual connection between both of you without even trying!

Wearing this color will make you appear confident and put together.

It’s no secret that red attracts attention. So grab a red dress, or top and wear it to the next party you go to. This color is very effective in drawing people toward you because it immediately catches their eye and makes them want to know more.